Programs for Adults

Professional Development for Educators: 11 Principles of Effective Character Education
Kids of Character is now authorized to do one-day training sessions on the Character Education Partnership’s 11 Guiding Principles of Effective Character Education. The 11 Principles are a framework hat schools can use to create or enhance their own custom character education initiative. No need to purchase an expensive boxed program.

Communities Building Kids of Character Seminar

In October, Kids of Character partners with KidsPeace, to hold a seminar spotlighting the issues facing today’s youth and how the community may address them. The organizations invite the Valley’s leaders in education, business and social services to hear from professionals who work with our youth. It is the community’s chance to voice their concerns and take action. As a community, we CAN make a difference in children’s lives and help them grow into respectful, responsible citizens.

The goals of the Communities Building Kids of Character Seminar are:

  • To educate the community about the importance of character education.
  • To help the community understand that it is the responsibility of everyone to promote character education and development.
  • To encourage organizations to get involved.

Programs for Kids

We promote several programs for kids. All are geared toward teaching core values, developing social and emotional learning and building good decision making skills.

Ages 4 – 6: Tanner’s Manners

“Cool Kind Kid” Camp Kits™ are for day and overnight camps, summer school, daycare, afterschool, community and recreation programs. You can purchase the curriculum at a discount by contacting us.

The Tanner’s Manners: Be a “Cool Kind of Kid”® education materials address the problems of rudeness and bullying in a fun and innovative way with the goal of enhancing social competence, encouraging better behavior and equipping kids to get along.

Ages 6 – 12: Reading to Be a Better Me

This FREE PROGRAM teaches 10 core character traits through the reading and discussion of children’s literature. Many of the characters in these books demonstrate virtues to which we should all aspire. Discussion of those virtues is followed by supporting activities. For example:

  • Children learn COURTESY through creative crafts, such as making and sending thank you cards.
  • RESPECT for other people and their property is portrayed in a fun, interactive skit in which each child plays a role.

Too good and too easy not to share! Contact us and we will email you lesson plans, suggested literature list and activities for this program. Once you have the basics, you can easily adapt this for various age groups.

Lehigh Valley Youth Leadership & Ethics Conference

March 27, 2012: 8th graders
March 28, 2012: 11th graders

Motivate both students and faculty to pursue the development of competence and character within their own schools and throughout their lives as they aspire to be citizens of integrity and character in society. View full details of the 2011 event held in March by visiting our News and  Events pages.